Fungi that evolved to eat wood offer new biomass conversion tool – Phys.Org

Basidiomycota brown rot fungi use a non-enzymatic, chelator-mediated biocatalysis method to digest woody biomass that is very different than methods used by any other microorganism studied, say Barry Goodell and colleagues at UMass Amherst, working with an international team. Credit: Karel Tejkal, used with permission Twenty … [Read more...]

Sustainable Biomass Partnership: Fact, not Fallacy – Biomass Magazine

The Sustainable Biomass Partnership is a credible and robust certification system enabling users of woody biomass for energy production to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and sustainability requirements. The Sustainable Biomass Partnership is a credible and robust certification system enabling users of woody biomass for … [Read more...]

Japanese company acquires nearly 50% of Pacific BioEnergy – Canadian Biomass

July 24, 2017 - Pacific BioEnergy Corporation (PBEC) has announced that Sumitomo Corporation of Japan has acquired a 48 per cent equity interest in PBEC. Concurrently PBEC has acquired the 34 per cent minority interest in Pacific BioEnergy Limited Partnership (PBLP), the Prince George manufacturing facility, from its … [Read more...]

Biomass plants being studied for FiT scheme – BusinessWorld Online Edition

“Let’s work on a period when your FiT will become effective when the transmission lines are upgraded,” said Jose M. Layug, Jr., chairman of NREB, the agency that advises the Department of Energy (DoE) on the direction of renewable energy policy.He said the issue has become contentious in the case of Negros … [Read more...]

How to Make a DIY Biomass Digester and Save Lots of Money! – The Green Optimistic (blog)

I threw out a tomato yesterday, and I felt horrible about it! Not that I had much choice, the poor tomato had gone past the point of no return, and the house I am living in doesn’t make compost. While most people associate composting with gardening, it can also create heating gas for your home. The plants that grow around … [Read more...]

Biomass plant edges closer to reality – Plumas County Newspapers

Two years after the California Energy Commission granted the Sierra Institute $2.6 million to build a biomass boiler in Plumas County, the project is edging ever closer to reality. A public hearing is scheduled Aug. 1 and we hope that this will be the final hurdle before construction gets underway. The biomass boiler would … [Read more...]

Drax moving ahead with biomass upgrades – Canadian Biomass

July 20, 2017 - U.K.-based electrical power generation company Drax is continuing to implement further biomass upgrades by replacing coal with compressed wood pellets. The announcement was made in the company's half-year results report published on Wednesday. Chief executive Dorothy Thompson said, "We have made good progress … [Read more...]

Opening Quote: BHP digs more iron ore, Drax digs biomass – Financial Times

BHP Billiton’s future prospects are, according to some analysts, much less to do with how much coal it digs, and much more to do with how much its new chairman digs Elliott Partners’ proposed new strategy. Unfortunately, its latest operational update only really addresses the former, rather than the latter. BHP has … [Read more...]

New Hampshire law benefits biomass power production … – Biomass Magazine

In New Hampshire, a new law is expected to benefit the state’s biomass power producers by increasing the price of alternative compliance payments (ACPs) for Class III sources. It also changes the eligibility standard for landfill gas energy under the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), and includes a variety … [Read more...]

ExxonMobil extends deal to research fundamental chemistry of … – JWN

Researching biofuels from algae. Image: Businesswire ExxonMobil has extended its agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to research the fundamental chemistry of converting biomass from non-food sources like corn stover and other cellulosic feedstocks into transportation fuels.The two-year renewal of the deal will … [Read more...]