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Cassini’s voyage helped make the solar system smaller. May the cosmic curiosity it whetted live on – Los Angeles Times

More than 30 years after its mission was conceived and 20 years after its launch, the space probe Cassini will plummet early Friday to a planned death — a self-immolation, if you will, as friction from Saturn’s atmosphere turns it into a man-made meteor.Cassini has done its job well, its discoveries too numerous for … [Read more...]

Successful operation of geothermal district heating system in Poddebice, Poland – ThinkGeoEnergy

Historic building in Poddebice, Poland (source: wikimedia, Veega, creative commons) With five years of successful operation, the geothermal district heating system at Poddebice in Poland is a great example of what can be achieved in Poland's path to move from coal-fired heating to clean, geothermal heating. At a recent … [Read more...]

Drax eyes battery storage to accompany gas and biomass conversions –

edie.netDrax eyes battery storage to accompany gas and biomass conversionsedie.netUK power station operator Drax plans to complement its ongoing biomass conversions with gas and battery storage options at two coal power units, although new research that wind and solar are a more cost-effective solution has reignited the debate … [Read more...]

Clean energy buyers team up to reshape policy landscape – GreenBiz

Transactionally speaking, it's far more straightforward for corporate energy buyers to procure renewable energy today versus only four years ago, especially through financing mechanisms such as power purchase agreements (PPAs) or even community solar programs. From a regulatory standpoint, however, the process remains pretty … [Read more...]

With high-performance cells, China takes aim at high-end solar market –

BEIJING/SINGAPORE (Reuters) - China, blighted by pollution and long known for churning out cheap manufactured goods, is looking to dominate the high-end of a major growth market: solar power. Under a new program, China is pushing the industry to mass market high-performance solar cells so far used mainly in high-tech products … [Read more...]

Governments Adopt ‘Florence Declaration’ and Agree to Work Closer to Advance Geothermal Energy – Renewable Energy Focus

The meeting, entitled: ‘Working Together to Promote Geothermal Energy Towards a Sustainable Energy Future’ – the largest such meeting of ministerial representatives to discuss geothermal energy – was marked by the release of a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), coordinator … [Read more...]

California clean energy proposals face demise as opposition fails to yield – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesCalifornia clean energy proposals face demise as opposition fails to yieldLos Angeles TimesCalifornia has grown accustomed to setting benchmark after benchmark on environmental policies, but ambitious efforts to spread renewable energy around the state and the region could grind to a halt this week. One … [Read more...]

Norsk Hydro: Change in Hydro’s Corporate Management Board … – Nasdaq

Norsk Hydro: Change in Hydro's Corporate Management Board ...NasdaqKatarina Nilsson, Executive Vice President of HR& Organization in Sapa, will be appointed EVP of People& HSE in Hydro. The appointment is pending.and more » … [Read more...]

M&Ms’s New Ad Is Selling Renewable Energy And Wind Power – Fast Company

Fast CompanyM&Ms's New Ad Is Selling Renewable Energy And Wind PowerFast CompanyThe new “Fans of Wind” campaign aims to tie the candy brand more directly to its commitment to fighting climate change.and more » … [Read more...]

Former hydro dam finally transferred to Veazie for use as riverside … – Bangor Daily News

Former hydro dam finally transferred to Veazie for use as riverside ...Bangor Daily NewsWe're excited that it's now in the possession of the town,” Veazie Town Council Chairman Chris Bagley said Tuesday.and more » … [Read more...]