New Television Ad Calls on NV Lawmakers to Vote for Clean Energy Policies

Stronger renewable energy standard will boost the economy while keeping costs low for consumers

May 8, 2017 – Clean energy advocates are calling on Carson City lawmakers to support policies, like a stronger renewable energy standard, that will boost Nevada’s clean energy economy and create jobs, in a new ad from Interwest Energy Alliance released this week.

The 30-second spot will be on broadcast in Reno/Carson City and Las Vegas and across the state online through the end of the legislative session, during which legislators are considering bills to increase consumer access to clean energy, including utility-scale renewable energy, rooftop solar, and energy efficiency.

Among the bills being considered by the Nevada Legislature this year are proposals to allow shared community solar, to revitalize the state’s rooftop-solar industry, to create several funding mechanisms for renewable energy, and to strengthen the two-decades-old renewable energy standard.

The ad was commissioned by the Interwest Energy Alliance, a nonprofit trade association that brings the nation’s renewable energy industry together with the West’s advocacy community to expand deployment of a reliable, cost-effective, and diverse portfolio of renewable energy resources.

Sarah Cottrell Propst, executive director of Interwest Energy Alliance, said it’s critical that legislators understand the broad, bipartisan support for smart clean energy policies among Nevada consumers and business owners.

“There are now more than 20,000 people working in solar energy and energy efficiency in Nevada, and new technology is making renewables cheaper and more reliable than ever before,” Propst said. “But our policies need to keep up. A stronger renewable energy standard, along with a revived rooftop solar industry and greater access to energy efficiency, will strengthen Nevada’s economy, create good jobs, and meet the overwhelming demand for clean energy, all while keeping costs stable and low for electric customers.”

The ad references some of the biggest issues affecting Nevada’s clean energy economy, and urges viewers to contact their legislators in support of a stronger renewable energy standard.

“Last year, Nevada was one of the only states to lose solar jobs, but it’s a new day for clean energy in Nevada… Solar, wind, and geothermal keep power bills stable, provide jobs, and protect our outdoors—from Tahoe to Red Rock,” the narrator says. “Tell Carson City to vote for a stronger renewable energy standard.”

Watch the ad here

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